Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of PMDFC? Top
PMDFC is actively seeking improvements in local governments and delivery of municipal services to promote its goal "Help Build Healthy Cities."  
What is Performance Management System (PMS)? Top
Performance Management System (PMS) is an efficient approach to improve performance through an ongoing process by developing strategic objectives that includes measuring performance, collecting, analyzing, reviewing, and reporting performance data and then using that data to improve performance.  
What is Complaint Tracking System (CTS)? Top
Complaint Tracking System (CTS) under the Complaint Cell at LG's assists in the streamlined registration, tracking and efficient redressal of citizen’s complaints regarding municipal services.  
Where can the citizens register their complaints regarding municipal services? Top
Citizens can register their complaints to municipal services through telephone as well as in person regarding municipal services at the complaint cell established at LG;s.  
What is Computerized Financial Management System (CFMS)? Top
Computerized Financial Management System (CFMS) is an efficient and error free system for maintaining account books.  
What are the impacts of Computerized Financial Management System (CFMS) for LGs? Top
Impacts of CFMS on LG's are enlisted below: 
CFMS has brought transparency in managing the accounts of the LG's
CFMS ensured much more accuracy and efficiency in the LG's bookkeeping procedures
CFMS has served as an efficient tool for LG's to generate reports