PMDFC, being a public sector company, brings forth the expertise and efficiency of the private sector while aligning itself with the development vision of the local governments as well as that of the provincial government. Its role as a technical arm of the Local Government and Community Development Department (LG & CD) Department over the past few years has been well established. PMDFC resolves to continue striving towards its motto ‘Help Build Healthy Cities’ with the support of all its stakeholders.

PMDFC effectively contributes the following services:

  • Project Implementation
  • Feasibility & Design Review
  • O&M Framework
  • Trainings
  • Contract Management Review
  • Procurement (Goods/ Works/ Services) Review
  • GIS Mapping of Infrastructure
  • Development Planning
  • Introduction of various systems to ensure effective governance in municipal bodies
  • Customized need based trainings
  • Development of training modules
  • Physical asset tracking of municipal services