Human resource development forms an integral component of PMSIP and PMDFC has laid special emphasis on developing the human capital of partner TMAs. Field assessments revealed a dearth of IT skills in partner TMAs. The staff working in engineering, finance, planning and regulation wings was never offered IT training. PMDFC was of the view that IT training for TMA staff would be an important step towards the computerization of office records and would result in efficient office management. Analysis of data would become easy and errors in record keeping would be decreased considerably.

IT Training

IT skills were a pre-requisite for some of the PMSIP interventions like computerized Financial Management System, Computerized Complaint Tracking System, Performance Management System and TMA Website. In order to enhance the skills of the TMA staff and develop IT culture in TMAs, computer trainings were imparted to the nominated staff of TMA.

Need-Based Training

Various need-based detailed training sessions were organized by PMDFC to implement aforementioned institutional development interventions. Till July 2012, basic and advanced [AutoCAD] computer trainings have been provided to 1087 staff members of 87 TMAs. Other trainings including trainings for engineering staff on the use of modern engineering equipment and hands-on trainings relating to institutional development interventions of PMDFC are also provided to TMAs.

Trainings provided to 975 staff members of 105 TMAs are mentioned below:

  • Computer Trainings
  • Hands-on Trainings
  • Technical Trainings