Up-gradation of Municipal Assets Management Information System

Project Area:          228 Local Governments in Punjab

Duration:                 01 Year (FY 2017 – 18)

Proposed Cost:      Rs.20 Million



  • To introduce transparency, efficiency & accountability through e-governance and ICT/GIS based solutions.
  • To achieve higher level of service delivery
  • Increase in Own Source Revenue (OSR)

Project Component:

  • Main Dash Boards
    • MCs properties data
    • District Council properties data
  • Local Dash Board
    • Dash boards to be developed for all 35 individual DCs
    • Dash boards to be developed for 05 MCs
    • Data transfer option from MC to DC (Vice versa)
  • Field survey in newly established MCs and all DCs
  • Trainings of all 228 administrative units


  • Coordination / Intimation to DCs/MCs for project activities
  • Hiring of staff & team building completed
  • Android application developed & being tested
  • Boundary maps of new MCs & DCs prepared
  • 67% verified data received from MCs
  • 89% pre-data recieved DCs
  • Field verification visits in progress