RTI Disclosure

The Punjab Transparency and Right to Information Act 2013, under Section 4, requires all public bodies to proactively disclose information about their structure, functional mechanism, and projects. PMDFC is pleased to share the following information with its stakeholders:


The Company shall strive to improve the quality of life of citizens by undertaking initiatives that empower the stakeholders through adopting participatory / inclusive processes; are gender sensitive, lead to poverty alleviation for sustainable development to bring our towns / cities at par with those of the developed world.


To develop institutional capacity of local government institutions enabling them to promote sustainable municipal development in towns and cities, making them environment friendly and livable through improved infrastructure and service delivery systems.

Core Values

PMDFC abides by the following core values:
  • Municipal development as a passion
  • Prudent financial management, with self executing mechanism of checks and balances
  • Highest commitment towards institutional strengthening
  • Highest level of integrity
  • Objectivity, transparency, and fairness in operations


The cardinal principles governing the whole operations of PMDFC shall be to:

  • Utilize the fund for the objectives of the company
  • Ensure that the resources of the fund shall not be used for political patronage or for any other political purposes
  • Ensure that fund is utilized through consultative and transparent process, involving beneficiaries
  • Finance only those local governments, which can ensure and secure best utilization of funds in the public interest
  • Treat the income / monies of the Fund, all of which shall be considered public funds as a sacred trust and it shall be the primary responsibility to administer and manage funds with due diligence, transparent fiduciary responsibility, and the purpose for which the Fund has been established
  • Ensure that as far as possible the Fund’s operations are subject to sound financial and operational management principles, and facilitate access to the Fund’s services by local governments in the province
  • Ensure that the resources of the Fund are only provided to well functioning, professionally managed institutions with transparent governance and financial management systems who meet the criterion set by the Fund
  • Finance only economically viable and fiscally prudent projects and assignments and those that benefit large number of citizens
  • Ensure that financial assistance to local governments is based on sound principles of cost sharing and sustainability, and financial viability, where applicable
  • Ensure that financial assistance is provided to such local governments who can assure and secure its best utilization for the public welfare  

 Powers and Functions of Officers and Employees

1. Managing Director

           Job Summary
  • The Managing Director has overall responsibilities for implementing the directives and decisions of the Board of Directors in the Company’s management, operations and the fulfillment of its policies / objectives.
  • Specific responsibilities will include:
    • Leadership, to foster overall institutional and operational quality
    • Administration of day-to-day activities of the Company
    • Interaction with the members of the Board of Directors and General Body, Government Departments, donors and financiers.
    • Interaction with Local Government authorities and related institutional bodies
    • Preparation of annual budget
    • Long-range and strategic planning
  • Other responsibilities as assigned by the Board of Directors

2. General Manager Institutional Development   

Job Summary
  • The incumbent is required to:
    • Be one of the key custodians of PMDFC value system. The position reports to the MD and will be responsible for generating on-time reports, as and when desired by the MD
    • Lead facilitation in development and implementation of Performance Improvement Plans (PIP) of the interested partner organisations as well as carry out other institutional development functions
    • Have a thorough understanding of institutional development, which may include institutional analysis, managerial reviews, organizational structure analysis, systems analysis and development
    • Be well versed in the system of local government and should have the capability for the capacity building of the local governments
    • Bring the applicant local bodies up to the standards required for being eligible for PMDFC funding
    • Act as the hub for appraisal process, coordinating with and facilitating other components of the Company

     Qualifications and Experience

  • Must have masters preferably in Business Administration, Public Administration or Social Sciences from a recognized and reputed university
  • Must have training in social organization as a trainer from a recognized and reputed training institution / trainer
  • Preferably, training in institutional development from a recognized institution
  • Should be computer literate

3. General Manager Engineering Job Summary

  • The incumbent is required to be one of the key custodians of PMDFC values system. The position reports to the MD and will be responsible for generating on time reports, as and when desired by the MD.
  • As head of the component, the incumbent will be required to:
    • Supervise appraisal of investment proposals on infrastructure projects submitted by LG / TMAs. The incumbent will also be responsible for appraisal of LG / TMAs with regards to her/ his component
    • Oversee implementation of infrastructure investment proposals closely. He shall also be required to understand the capacity of the human resource of the LG / TMA as well as build the capacity of the available human resource  
    • Have fair understanding of the problems at the various levels of local government operations 
  • A dynamic person with practical approach to problem-solving and requisite stamina for working in the field is required to fill in the post.

4. General Manager Finance and Administration

Job Summary
  • The incumbent is required to be one of the key custodians of PMDFC value system. The position reports to the MD and will be responsible for generating on-time reports, as and when desired by the MD. The incumbent shall also act as the Company Secretary.
  • The incumbent is required to facilitate assessment of the financial capacity of the applicant LG. The incumbent is required to analyze complete financial aspect of the proposed plan, accounting, budgeting and internal controls and to undertake financial appraisal of the proposed investment proposal. He has to develop procedures for providing performance-based matching grants by the Fund.
  • The General Manager Finance and Administration shall be responsible primarily for the financial and accounting operations of the PMDFC. He / she shall disburse funding approved by the PMDFC BoD upon recommendations of the concerned units and approval of the MD.
  • The incumbent should have the ability to prioritize the work and should be able to grasp the financial implications of the projects.
  • General Manager (F&A) is also required to assist the MD in prioritizing the order of work keeping in view the financial aspect and advise on all the financial matters. The incumbent shall also be responsible for administrative affairs of the organization.

 Relevant Laws

Governing laws for the functions of PMDFC are:

 Statement of the Categories of Information, Held

  • Municipal Service Delivery Data by Tehsil Municipal Administrations (TMAs) of Punjab
  • GIS Maps of TMAs: Base Maps, Land Use Maps, Sewerage, Water Supply, Street Light, Solid Waste Management, Road   Hierarchy
  • Budgetary Data of TMAs
  • Field Appraisal Reports of TMAs prepared during Punjab Municipal Services Improvement Fund
  • Situation Appraisal Reports of Solid Waste Management for TMAs

Description of its Decision Making Process and Opportunities for the Public to Provide Input

PMDFC is a public sector company and all its policy decisions are taken by the Board of Directors (BoD) and General Body. The BoD is a creation of the General Body and is empowered by the law to make necessary amendments to the functions and work procedures of the Company. Decisions taken by the BoD are executed by the Managing Director of the Company. Although there is no formal procedure for provision of input by the public yet the Company may invite opinion of its stakeholders during the design and impact assessment of its project(s).
Beneficiary perception surveys were conducted by third party during the implementation of the Punjab Municipal Services Project.


  • To achieve its mission and vision, the Company has set the following objectives:
  • Improve the efficiency, coverage and quality of basic infrastructure and services in Punjab in a sustainable manner by developing an efficient mechanism for allocating public resources for infrastructure
  • Building the capacity of the provincial government to manage a process of LG performance improvement
  • Local governments providing matching grants for municipal infrastructure
PMDFC will provide financial assistance for improved infrastructure and services preferably in areas such as water supply, sewerage and drainage, solid waste management, roads and streets, firefighting services, bridges, street lighting, parks and playgrounds, and bus terminals.