Multipurpose Parks & Playgrounds on Lands Reclaimed from Ponds

The Local Government & Community Development Department (LG&CDD) initiated the project of multipurpose parks &play grounds in the ADP of 2015-16 with the allocation of 50 million rupees for the reclaimed lands of ponds. In the current financial year, parks &playgrounds are being constructed on the lands reclaimed in 2013-14.  Around 148 acre lands were reclaimed after eliminating 74 ponds. 23 sites from 74 have been taken up by the concerned district governments for different projects. Parks and playgrounds are being constructed on 51 remaining sites.

 Construction of parks &playgrounds will include boundary wall & two gates, jogging track, foot ball ground posts, concrete cricket pitch and plantation. In case of more than one reclaimed land in the same village, one will be converted to ladies/children park. Till January 2015, 43 sites have been approved by the DDSC with the cost of around 126 million for the construction of parks &play grounds. 

PMDFC is providing technical assistance and project supervision for this project. PMDFC is responsible for the vetting of PC-1s after the verification of the technical feasibility and the financial viability of the sub-project.